Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cabo Wabo

This weekend we went to Cabo with Kevin's parents. We own a timeshare ( that's another crazy story) so we decided we should use it. Our timeshare is for a Junior suite, but whenever they have a larger room available they will give it to you at the same rate. So when Kevin called they had the Presidental suite available ( which is about $8,000 for the week. We didn't pay that much of course since we own the timeshare. The hotel is breathtaking. We had the most gorgeous views of the ocean and city. We were so high up in the hills. Our room was over 2100 square feet and our balcony was as big as my classroom. It also had a jacuzzi tub on the balcony which faced the ocean. Talk about relaxing. Here are some views from our room

Here is a view from the beach looking at our room. It is the tallest building there.

Kevin and me on our balcony, then relaxing at the pool.

The weather was extremely hot, so we spent the first day at the pool for about 5 hours and then took a water taxi around the sea of Cortez, where another boat almost chopped off my hand. What can I say it is Mexico.

The waves were crazy!!!

Then we walked around town and went to dinner at the Shrimp Factory. They have great seafood in Mexico.

The next day a tropical storm named Lowell decided to come to town and take away my sunshine.
It was so windy that all the beaches were closed that day at the resorts, but you could still go in the pool. We were up at the top pool at our resort ( they had 5 pools there) and it started to pour down rain on us. It was so much fun swimming in the rain. Almost everyone left the pool except us. We had such a blast. The 3 days went by so fast ,but we had fun and were glad to make it home before Tropical Lowell took over the town.


Heather said...

So fun! The beach looks gorgeous! AND WOW on the suite upgrade, that is so awesome! Looks like you had a great time, I'm glad you got out there before it got too bad! We experienced the same kinda thing on our honeymoon, its that time of the year!

The Gray Family said...

I am jealous...what a fun trip! The presidential suite sounds AMAZING!!!!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Wow, beautiful and looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I love vacations! They are the best ever!!! Glad you guys were safe and had a good time!

AmandaB said...

I'm glad you guys made it safe and sound. I'm imagining I'm on your balcony in the hot tub right now!

Anderson Family said...

How fun, it sounds like you guys had a blast. Love the pics :)

Niki McDowell said...

Could I get your email address. I wanted to send you an evite to my Modbe Clothing party. It happens to be on the same night as Heather's Pampered Chef party (we didn't plan it that way, we just happened to send out our evites the same time and didn't realize until we got each others invitation). I can't change mine, but a lot of people are going to go to both since they are only a mile apart. I just wanted you to know your invited. So if your interested I would love your email.

Niki McDowell

Anderson Family said...

Ok girl you need a new post!!!!